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Project 365: Week 4

22 Stopped by the Asian store and I always make a point to walk by this aisle. It feels very nostalgic to look at my "childhood snacks" from the Philippines. Hubby (in the blurry background) was looking at the Aloe drinks.

23  Frankenweenie: just like Tim Burton's other films, this is just as weird. I didn't particularly liked it and definitely creeped me out a bit. And yes, we use subtitles. It's the only way we can understand anything on TV with a pre-schooler around.

24  This billboard has been here for as long as I can remember (we moved here November 2011). Nathaniel loves to point at the "heart" and he copies it, too. Who knew in 2011 that I would be working for them now?

25  Cold day in Georgia. Thankful for butt warmers :) (seat warmer)

26  Nathaniel reading with Dada on the toddler bed.

27  Saying goodbye to Dada while still in his pajamas and carrying Mama Bear. Hubby left to go to Quantico, VA for two-week class. "But, Dada, I don't want you to leave." "I have to go to work, Buddy. I'll be back." "But I'll be lost without you."

28  Skype date with Hubby.


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