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I just realized that I never made an update on the blog about my follow-up results. Well, everything came back normal: no clotting disorders, no chromosomal abnormalities, and my HgA1C is perfect. There was a tiny bit concern about my thyroid function: TSH was low. However, it wasn't too far out of the normal range to warrant any treatment.

With that being said, Hubby and I are back on trying again as of this month/cycle. And that explains the title of this post (TTC: trying to conceive). I am emotionally ready to try again although I am petrified  of having another miscarriage. I really don't think I can handle another heartbreak. It still pains me to think that if we didn't lose Elijah, I will already be at my third trimester.

I am clinging and trusting in God's great plan but mostly I am praying for clarity. And patience. Because the unknown is such a scary thing.