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Project 365: Week 5

29  My Invisible Man date. Hubby usually sits there during our weekly breakfast date but since he is in Quantico, VA, it was just me.

30  See the worst part of the storm? That was when I was driving home from work in I-20. It was like driving through a car wash so I didn't have a choice but to pull over. And I know this is technically a phone screen shot but it was all I could manage that day. I had a long, terrible day at work.

31  It's perfectly alright to have frozen yogurt for dinner when Hubby is not around ;) Orange Leaf "play date" with the Topping girls.

32  MOMs Club Chili Cook Off at the local fire station. Nathaniel acted horribly---refused to share toys and tested my authority. And added stress of Hubby being gone did not help; I just lost it and sobbed on our way home. Single parenting is no joke. Hats off to you who has to do it.

33  I love working 8-hour shifts and seeing the sun still out when I get off. Spent the night at the Gomez's house that evening.

34  Our almost 7 year old miniature pinscher sunbathing before watching the Super Bowl. Hubby is still out of town so Nathaniel, Riley and I just stayed at home and had our own Super Bowl party.

35  Nathaniel was really missing his Dada that morning so my choice of remedy? Bubble bath with extra, extra bubbles :) I am so in love with this photo that I ordered it in a 18x24 canvas!