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Anywhere but the Toddler Bed

I had trouble falling asleep one evening and the dog whining in the laundry room didn't help---she was thirsty and wanted out. So while waiting for Riley to finish drinking water, I thought I'd check on Nathaniel and give him one last kiss. It was almost midnight at this point and about three hours since I put him to bed. Turns out, while I was tossing and turning, Nathaniel had moved to the living room and fell asleep on the couch. He brought Mr. Calimlim (teddy bear) with him and even managed to hold on tight to his glow stick. I couldn't just leave him there and his sometimes-babyish, sometimes-boyish chubby cheeks tugged my heartstrings. So instead of putting him back to his room, I just scooped him up and brought him to bed with me. And while snuggling him, sweet sleep finally came to me.