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Height Requirement

Nathaniel was very devastated he could not ride this particular coaster in Disney's Animal Kingdom with his Dada. The height requirement was 48 inches (almost a foot taller than Nathaniel) even though the ride wasn't intense at all. According to Hubby, there were quite a few rapid turns so I'm guessing the height requirement is due to little ones not having very good neck control, which could cause injury. When we go back to Disney, we may wait until Nathaniel is taller. There were so many rides he was unable to go to because of his height. We definitely have a thrill seeker in our hands, which I'm sure he inherited from my husband and not me!

I am so happy his Lola was with us because she comforted (and bribed!) Nathaniel while I captured this memory. That's definitely one of my recommendations: asks grandparents to take this trip with you! Spending time with my Mom was awesome and it was a major plus having extra eyes and hands to keep up with an energetic preschooler. And that big, brown bag Lola is carrying? It was full of food and goodies--not just for Nathaniel but for everyone in the family :)


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