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Project 365: Week 8

50  Nathaniel is off from school because of President's Day so he joined Hubby and I on our weekly brunch date.

51  I was cancelled at work so I cooked homemade hot chocolate and homemade whipped cream with the little guy. Wishing desperately it was made by my Lola (grandma) instead with the cocoa grown in her backyard.

52  Sidewalk chalk art at Nathaniel's school

53  This precious boy asked if he could sleep in my bed tonight and when I said yes, he grabbed Mr. Calimlim (his Black Bear) and headed to my bedroom. Nathaniel is too adorable sometimes.

54  Screaming while going down the slide at the new indoor inflatable jump place less than a mile from our house.

55  Mentos and soda experiment with our Filipino friends' children.

56  Animals, especially cats, just love my husband. The vet's mascot wanted lovings from Dean as he fills out paperwork.