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Akershus: The Royal Banquet Hall

When we spent the day in Epcot during our Disney World trip last month, we had lunch at the Akershus , which is a Norwegian restaurant. I love that Disney employ people from the country they are representing. Our waiter, although his accent was extremely difficult for me to understand, made the experience that much more authentic. I ordered a traditional Norwegian meal per his recommendation and it was delicious. Mom and I also loved the "Taste of Norway" buffet, which had huge varieties of sliced deli, seafood, cheese and salad. I'm salivating just thinking about the delicious smoked fish! Another reason I chose this restaurant is because of the Princesses. I thought Nathaniel would enjoy meeting the Disney Princess characters and boy was I wrong! This character lunch was definitely just for me :) Nathaniel couldn't stop eyeing the pretty girls as they were visiting other tables but as soon as they stopped by ours, he did not want anything to do

Earth Day

This past Monday, which also happened to be Earth Day, we went to the man-made pond near our house and fed the ducks. Nathaniel and I went there several times during his spring break a couple weeks ago; I just never got around to sharing the photos. And as always, Nathaniel had a great time and even got a major kick out of Hubby hitting the geese and ducks on the head with a piece of bread. We also brought Riley with us which prevented the geese from attacking Nathaniel. Last time, I had to scream (and was ready to start kicking if I had to!) at a goose because it kept hissing and trying to take bread from Nathaniel's hand. The boy was completely clueless and unafraid but my protective mommy-instincts definitely kicked in high gear. Another moment I want to remember about this is when Hubby asked how I got so behind from them (I was a good 20 feet behind). Oh honey, we've been together for a decade and you still have to ask that? My answer was: I was ta

MIA Since Easter

So many things have happened since my Easter post  a few weeks ago. I wish I had a good reason but truth be told, I just haven't had the desire to sit in front of the computer. It seems to be a trend that every Spring season, I go in a little bit of a blogging hiatus. So let me enjoy the warming weather for a while and I promise I'll be back and give each of these events their proper shout out. I have so many partially written blog post and half-edited photo series. But a few events that are worth mentioning from these Instagram photos since Easter are: Second shot a wedding for Faith from Sweet Violet Photography Hubby did Tough Mudder with a few Marines Car accident :( Thankfully, every one is fine! Spring Break and Augusta Masters Farmer's Market World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Follow me on Instagram if you want to see our daily happenings. I post there several times daily. Username is dianastlouis.

Safe and Sound

Last Sunday, we were in a very scary accident. We were trying to merge to the interstate highway when the car in front of us immediately swerved to the left. We didn't know at the time but we sure found out the reason very  quickly: there was a car stopped in the middle of the highway. Not on the shoulder lane---but in the middle of the highway.  We unfortunately cannot do the same thing like the first car unless we risk getting hit by the fast-going incoming traffic. So Hubby decided to turn right to the shoulder lane and to the grass---better there than get hit by 70mph vehicles. But the truck also merging behind us had the same idea. So instead of us safely going to the grass, the truck hit us (back and trunk damage) and pushed our vehicle to the rails (caused the front damage) down the hill. I was soooo terrified and all I could think about was my Nathaniel---our son was in the back. Another unfortunate part about this is that the stopped vehicle sped off and left. So with

Easter Eggs 2013

We dyed our Easter eggs the same method we used last year : Kool-Aid! This year, they are all vibrant colors and the eggs came out looking more like dinosaur eggs with their spider-web like veins. I also took an adorable video of Nathaniel naming all the colors as we're pouring the kool-aid powder in the glass bottles. But as much as I want to share it, it will be one of those videos that will be for family-only. It was shaky and I moved a lot, which could give you a headache :( I really need to remember to put the camera on a tripod next time!

Disney's All Star Movies Resort

For our Disney vacation, we opted to stay inside the Disney property. Sure, it's cheaper to stay at an outside hotel--even at the Disney "military resort" ( Shades of Green )--but we also wanted to take advantage of the dining plan so that meant staying at one of the Disney resorts. And because Nathaniel loves Toy Story, it was no brainer. We had to stay here . We made sure to leave Georgia early so we can enjoy the resort for the rest of the day. We swam for a couple hours (even though it was cold!) and even participated at a family game. Mom and I watched  part of Hercules (what they were showing that evening for the Movies Under the Stars) while the boys swam. But we cut it short because it was cold. Also, we wanted to go to bed early so we can be at the opening ceremony at Magic Kingdom the next day! These photos were taken on our way to dinner and then some after. Nathaniel was awestruck and kept asking, "Mommy, is this Disney?&q