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Akershus: The Royal Banquet Hall

When we spent the day in Epcot during our Disney World trip last month, we had lunch at the Akershus, which is a Norwegian restaurant. I love that Disney employ people from the country they are representing. Our waiter, although his accent was extremely difficult for me to understand, made the experience that much more authentic. I ordered a traditional Norwegian meal per his recommendation and it was delicious. Mom and I also loved the "Taste of Norway" buffet, which had huge varieties of sliced deli, seafood, cheese and salad. I'm salivating just thinking about the delicious smoked fish!

Another reason I chose this restaurant is because of the Princesses. I thought Nathaniel would enjoy meeting the Disney Princess characters and boy was I wrong! This character lunch was definitely just for me :) Nathaniel couldn't stop eyeing the pretty girls as they were visiting other tables but as soon as they stopped by ours, he did not want anything to do with them! But he did let Princess Belle (not pictured here; she greeted us as we entered the restaurant) plant a big red lipstick kiss on his check, which he never ever lets me do!

Mom: Seared Salmon Cakes
Mine: Traditional Kj√łttkake 
Dean: Mushroom Stuffed pasta
Nathaniel: Mickey-Shaped Cheese Ravioli (not pictured)