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Disney's All Star Movies Resort

For our Disney vacation, we opted to stay inside the Disney property. Sure, it's cheaper to stay at an outside hotel--even at the Disney "military resort" (Shades of Green)--but we also wanted to take advantage of the dining plan so that meant staying at one of the Disney resorts. And because Nathaniel loves Toy Story, it was no brainer. We had to stay here.

We made sure to leave Georgia early so we can enjoy the resort for the rest of the day. We swam for a couple hours (even though it was cold!) and even participated at a family game. Mom and I watched  part of Hercules (what they were showing that evening for the Movies Under the Stars) while the boys swam. But we cut it short because it was cold. Also, we wanted to go to bed early so we can be at the opening ceremony at Magic Kingdom the next day!

These photos were taken on our way to dinner and then some after. Nathaniel was awestruck and kept asking, "Mommy, is this Disney?" Why yes, dear son. But it's just the tip of the iceberg :)