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Earth Day

This past Monday, which also happened to be Earth Day, we went to the man-made pond near our house and fed the ducks. Nathaniel and I went there several times during his spring break a couple weeks ago; I just never got around to sharing the photos. And as always, Nathaniel had a great time and even got a major kick out of Hubby hitting the geese and ducks on the head with a piece of bread. We also brought Riley with us which prevented the geese from attacking Nathaniel. Last time, I had to scream (and was ready to start kicking if I had to!) at a goose because it kept hissing and trying to take bread from Nathaniel's hand. The boy was completely clueless and unafraid but my protective mommy-instincts definitely kicked in high gear.

Another moment I want to remember about this is when Hubby asked how I got so behind from them (I was a good 20 feet behind). Oh honey, we've been together for a decade and you still have to ask that? My answer was: I was taking pictures!

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