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Safe and Sound

Last Sunday, we were in a very scary accident. We were trying to merge to the interstate highway when the car in front of us immediately swerved to the left. We didn't know at the time but we sure found out the reason very quickly: there was a car stopped in the middle of the highway. Not on the shoulder lane---but in the middle of the highway. We unfortunately cannot do the same thing like the first car unless we risk getting hit by the fast-going incoming traffic. So Hubby decided to turn right to the shoulder lane and to the grass---better there than get hit by 70mph vehicles. But the truck also merging behind us had the same idea. So instead of us safely going to the grass, the truck hit us (back and trunk damage) and pushed our vehicle to the rails (caused the front damage) down the hill. I was soooo terrified and all I could think about was my Nathaniel---our son was in the back.

Another unfortunate part about this is that the stopped vehicle sped off and left. So without that person, the truck driver is now lawfully at fault and responsible for all the damages. Our car is currently in the shop and we were told it is going to take a while to repair all the damage. Thankfully, I took the week off for Nathaniel's spring break because I am terrified and refused to drive.

I am so thankful we weren't hurt. I am thankful for my husband's quick thinking and for making the right decision. Because if it was me driving, I know I would have swerved to the left to the oncoming traffic out of instinct... and I cry every time I think about what would happen to Nathaniel.