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Project 365: Week 11

71  Super excited to see his Dada home from work.

72  Dentist appointment. My favorite! Said no one ever.

73  Hot chocolate and "Wackles" (waffles) date with my littlest love. Nathaniel and I usually go out to lunch after picking up from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really try to treasure this one on one moment with him because I know teenager-Nathaniel will probably not want to be seen with his Mommy in public.

74  I made my husband cry. I let him read my blog post about my thoughts on this day being Elijah Damaris' due date. He also didn't know that I took this photo but I want people to know that miscarriage isn't only rough on women. It's hard on the daddies, too.

75  We went to Old Navy and they were having St. Patrick's activities for the children. So thankful Nathaniel is not a shy kid.

76  Quietly playing in his room.

77  First day of our Disney World vacation!  We stayed at the Disney's All Star Movies Resort.