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A Day with Isabel

Whenever I visit Indiana, I always spend more time with my nephew since Daniel and Nathaniel are so close in age. So unfortunately, it means less time spent with my niece Isabel because it is just so difficult to have three kids under three. So while Nathaniel was spending time with my in-laws, I had a full day with just Isabel.

Isabel is a completely different child when she's an "only child." She is so cuddly and sweet and I love that she's a good eater like my son so I never have to worry about what to feed her (she eats what we eat!). She loves dogs and is always by my Mom's dog, Spencer. She speaks Russian and says "dah" for yes :) The only down side with this kiddo is you can't say 'no' to her without her going hysterical. For example? I was talking to her about how I understand what it's like to be a second child and I said, "I know" twice. Well, since 'know' sounds like 'no', she screamed and balled her eyes out. Such a silly diva!

During our day, I gave Isabel her first ever pedicure, which proved to be a lot more difficult that I imagined! She loved playing with the older boys' toys without being told by the mean big brother and cousin that "it's not for girls." Isabel's world is about to rocked again since she will be giving up her baby-status next month. She doesn't know what's coming but I sure can't wait to meet my new nephew/niece.