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Baby Green Pickle: Week 18

Why we are calling this Baby "Green Pickle"... Nathaniel would like to name the baby "Green Lantern" if it's a boy and "Pickle" if it's a girl.

How far along... 18 weeks

Baby Green Pickle is the size of... a bell pepper; almost 7 ounces and 5.5 inches long.

Total weight gain... +7 lbs

Maternity clothes... bottoms: yes; tops: not yet.

Stretch Marks... haven't notice new ones besides from my first pregnancy.

Sleep... lots of tossing and turning and waking up in blocks of 3-4 hours for potty break.

Best moment this week... amusement park day with family and a friend.

Miss anything... sushi.

Movement... little butterfly flutters! But nothing consistent yet.

Food cravings... cooked sushi.

Anything making me queasy or sick... meat. I cannot stand the smell and taste of chicken, beef and especially pork.

Have you started to show yet... yes. But mostly, I look more fat than pregnant.

Gender... We're waiting to find out if we'll have a Green Lantern or a Pickle :)

Labor signs... none.

Belly button in or out... in

Wedding rings on or off... wedding ring on; engagement ring off (it's a half size smaller)

Happy or moody most of the time... happy.

Looking forward to... Nathaniel's school pictures this week!