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Deep Rut

I am in a major deep photography rut. I honestly cannot remember the last time I picked up my camera to take pictures. I'm guessing more than 2 months ago? And even before that, I had started infrequently taking photos, too. I don't know what it is but I am just uninspired. I have forced myself to bring the camera with me (like I used to) but even then, I don't take it out. For example, we went to Jacksonville, NC last month for Hubby's lateral move job interview in front of a board and not once did I picked up the camera. What's even worse? It was my birthday weekend! And with lack of photo taking, I have stopped blogging, too. I just can't get myself to post without pretty pictures :) I'm hoping and praying this hiatus ends soon! But I have been good at documenting our every day life on my Instagram account. So you miss our daily happenings, you can find us here.

I guess the (only) good thing about this is I can go back and revisit the photos I never edited---like this photo series taken in April. It was a Saturday and Nathaniel wanted to visit his Dada at work. It has been a month since my last photo using my DSLR and the first snapshot was of Nathaniel hiding. Greeeat ;)