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Baby Green Pickle: Week 22

Why we are calling this Baby "Green Pickle"... Nathaniel would like to name the baby "Green Lantern" if it's a boy and "Pickle" if it's a girl.

How far along... 22 weeks.

Baby Green Pickle is the size of... a spaghetti squash; almost a pound and 11 inches long. Although according to the ultrasound, Baby GP is already 1 lb 2 oz.

Total weight gain... +11 lbs

Maternity clothes... yes. As you can see with the above photo, I caved in and bought maternity scrub pants for work, too!

Stretch Marks... haven't noticed new ones besides from my first pregnancy.

Sleep... just ok.

Best moment this week... Anatomy ultrasound! 

Miss anything... sushi, moscato, margarita, pina colada.

Movement... kicks! Baby GP loves to kick my sides and bladder.

Food cravings... anything carbs.

Anything making me queasy or sick... lean pork meat.

Have you started to show yet... yes.

Gender... We're waiting to find out if we'll have a Green Lantern or a Pickle :) Although for the early part of this week, I really wanted to find out the gender during our anatomy ultrasound. But in the end, I decided to wait. But we do have the "gender reveal" ultrasound picture in a disc in case I change my mind! ;)

Labor signs... none.

Belly button in or out... in

Wedding rings on or off... wedding and engagement rings on during the day; both off during the night.

Happy or moody most of the time... happy.

Looking forward to... going to Indiana to visit family!