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New Rule for Dental Appointments

Nathaniel had his biannual dental appointment this morning and I came to a conclusion that from now on, only Hubby will be taking him. Nathaniel always cries when I take him and never does when he is with Dada! Nathaniel didn't let the dental hygienist take his x-ray either. Nathaniel said he choked and I wasn't there to encourage him to try since I didn't want to risk being exposed to radiation while pregnant. And yet all of these (x-ray, brushing and flossing, exam), he did well when he was with Hubby six months ago. What a punk!

We went to the store afterward to grab the ingredients to make cookies. I promised to bake these Gooey Monster Eye cookies (his choice) with him if he didn't have any cavities. Obviously he doesn't or we wouldn't be getting the ingredients! I went ahead and scheduled his next appointment in April although I know there's a 99.9% we won't be here in Georgia anymore. So strange to think that in just short six months, we will have a new member in family and will most likely be living in a different state--maybe even different country!