Friday, November 22, 2013

Nathaniel's Fall and Thanksgiving School Parties

I volunteered to help with Nathaniel's Fall (Halloween) Party at school and I just realized I never got around to sharing them. So here's a huuuuuge photo blog post since I am combining it with his Thanksgiving Party!

I brought homemade pumpkin-shaped shortbread cookies and the children decorated them. They also made popcorn balls and Nathaniel kept wanting to throw it like a snowball.

One of Nathaniel's classmates, Julian, really likes playing with him but they always seem to get in trouble whenever they are together. They are definitely all boys and in the photo where they were sitting on the rug (time out), they were in trouble for rough housing.

I know I signed up for the Fall Party but I swear I was "voluntold" to help with the Thanksgiving Party, too! I think it's because next month is Nathaniel's last month in school here in Georgia.

The kids had an option to dress up as an Indian or a Pilgrim. All week long, Nathaniel talked about wanting to be an Indian but at the last minute, he chose to be a Pilgrim. And they had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner: cranberries, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, turkey (they had chicken nuggets).

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rest Stop

These were taken during our last rest stop before dinner on our way down from Indiana to Georgia last month. We went the long way through the Smokies just for see the Autumn leaves. If you think it's awesome driving while it's snowing, then you have to experience driving through falling leaves! Autumn is quickly becoming my second favorite season (Spring is still number one!). It's such a nice welcoming break from the heat of the summer. And it's like mother nature is giving us this big show of colors before the dead of the winter.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

238th Marine Corps Ball

Fort Gordon, GA

Last night was the 238th Marine Corps Ball and it was our best yet. We actually stayed to dance not just for a few songs because the DJ was playing good music. I'm wearing my 2011 gown (worn in Texas) since it's an empire dress and it draped beautifully on my rather large almost 27 weeks baby bump. The only bummer is Hubby is sick again this year, too!

We didn't got to our usual movie date after since we were both exhausted (me = pregnant; Hubby = sick) so we just went to grab a small snack and hydrated ourselves with a bunch of water. It was a fun night and unbelievable to think that our next ball will be in a detachment again!

Friday, November 8, 2013


On October 22nd, Hubby reenlisted for another four years in the Marine Corps. Instead of getting out this coming April, our End of Active Service date is now April 2018. I still have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I would love nothing more than to move back to Indiana and continue to grow our family surrounded by the support of our immediate family. But I also know that, for now, re-enlisting is what's best for our family. Hubby also did a lateral move and now has a new MOS. With this new one, he is supposed to be away almost all the time---a complete 180 from this current enlistment. So I guess here's to our next adventure!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Abigail + Robbie

I had the privilege of taking my brother-in-law and his future wife's engagement photos last month during their visit. It was such an amazing feeling to capture this very important event in their lives especially since I am unable to attend their wedding in late January (I will be 39 weeks pregnant!). I am so very happy for these two for finding each other because they truly belong together. Congratulations, Robbie and Abigail! I wish you 70+ blessed and blissful years together.
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