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238th Marine Corps Ball

Fort Gordon, GA

Last night was the 238th Marine Corps Ball and it was our best yet. We actually stayed to dance not just for a few songs because the DJ was playing good music. I'm wearing my 2011 gown (worn in Texas) since it's an empire dress and it draped beautifully on my rather large almost 27 weeks baby bump. The only bummer is Hubby is sick again this year, too!

We didn't got to our usual movie date after since we were both exhausted (me = pregnant; Hubby = sick) so we just went to grab a small snack and hydrated ourselves with a bunch of water. It was a fun night and unbelievable to think that our next ball will be in a detachment again!


  1. You looked gorgeous! I love that dress! What a lovely couple you two make. I also wore a dress I'd worn to a previous Ball and it was black as well, and I'm only about a week or so ahead of you (I think?) in my pregnancy. I just posted pictures yesterday (played catch-up since I hadn't posted in about a month). I'm glad that you enjoyed your Ball so much! Thanks for sharing :)


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