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Nathaniel's Fall and Thanksgiving School Parties

I volunteered to help with Nathaniel's Fall (Halloween) Party at school and I just realized I never got around to sharing them. So here's a huuuuuge photo blog post since I am combining it with his Thanksgiving Party!

I brought homemade pumpkin-shaped shortbread cookies and the children decorated them. They also made popcorn balls and Nathaniel kept wanting to throw it like a snowball.

One of Nathaniel's classmates, Julian, really likes playing with him but they always seem to get in trouble whenever they are together. They are definitely all boys and in the photo where they were sitting on the rug (time out), they were in trouble for rough housing.

I know I signed up for the Fall Party but I swear I was "voluntold" to help with the Thanksgiving Party, too! I think it's because next month is Nathaniel's last month in school here in Georgia.

The kids had an option to dress up as an Indian or a Pilgrim. All week long, Nathaniel talked about wanting to be an Indian but at the last minute, he chose to be a Pilgrim. And they had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner: cranberries, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, turkey (they had chicken nuggets).