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Life {Unscripted}: Vol. 4

Welcome to Life {Unscripted} blog circle! I am so honored to be a part of a team of very talented lifestyle photographers. We have a passion for capturing raw, honest and unplanned photographs and we created this community so you would hopefully be inspired and join us in documenting your lives {unscripted}. And a special thank you if you are here visiting from Natalie of Act Naturally Photography ! Here is a glimpse of my life {unscripted} for this December 2014: And if you have a chance, please visit Sonia of Sonia Epple Fotografie .

Cookies for Santa

I really enjoy this family tradition and look forward to it every year. It's no secret that I enjoy baking and Nathaniel loves "helping" in the kitchen so it's a win-win. And I suspect next year, Amelia will do more than just watch and play with the cookie cutters. I'm sure she will want to join in on the cookie making action. And it looks like I finally found a recipe I like both in taste and shape/texture. (I used this recipe and it's definitely a keeper.) I hope Santa enjoyed them because we thought they were really tasty. Now we just need to work on the decorating part! ;)

Peek a Boo

Amelia loves to play Peek-a-Boo. It's pretty hilarious because most of the time, she doesn't make any noises. I would just see her cover and uncover her face, waiting for us to notice her so we could play. She is so stinkin' adorable that we just laugh even when it gets messy. She is normally not a messy eater but she decided to play peek a boo during lunch (peanut butter and Nutella on a tortilla).

5th Birthday: Skylanders Party

Nathaniel chose to have a Skylanders theme for his fifth birthday. He also chose to have it at his favorite fast-food restaurant: Chick Fil-A, which was perfectly fine with us! I made a blueberry cake (per the birthday boy's request) and made it to look like a Skylander portal. Nathaniel, along with his little friends, seemed to have a blast and really enjoyed playing with each other at the party.

Three Feet, Seven and a half Inches

At five years old, Nathaniel stands at three feet, seven and a half inches. He grew almost three inches over the past year. We had just bought 4T pants in January and I had to replace them with 5T pants that late spring/early summer. I thought it was a mistake on our part and should have already bought size 5T to give him room to grow. However, we already had to replace those to a larger size, too! Nathaniel grew like a weed this year and I just couldn't keep up. It seems like every time I do his laundry, I am always putting clothes he outgrew away.