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Project 365: Week 1

1 Hubby always calls me a dirty Indianapolis Colts fan so Nathaniel rationalized that must mean they are a "clean" Kansas City Chiefs fan ;) He loves the Chiefs just like his Daddy! Also, we rang in the New Year by going to Ikea in Atlanta.

2 On our way out from the store, Nathaniel said: "Mommy, let's go back to bed." "Why?" "Because it's raining!"

3 Giving Riley a hug.

4  Hubby is painting Nathaniel's room into a neutral color to get the house ready for rent. I asked Nathaniel to pretend that he is sad and this is the face he gave me. Little stinker.

5  I am upset that this photo is soft focus but I absolutely love Nathaniel's smile. I see a glimpse of the handsome, young man that he will become. And I purposely added the grain effect to the photo to hide my imperfection.

6 Moving boxes make great hide and seek spot.

7  Nathaniel spent at least 15 minutes "working out and helping the movers" by moving this heavy box back and forth across the living room. Whatever keeps him entertained during this chaos!