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Project 365: Week 2

8  Reason no. 137 to have children: free labor. Nathaniel "helping" us re-paint my royal purple bedroom to a more neutral boring color.

9  While taking a break from painting and laying down on our royal-treatment bed (aka air mattress), Nathaniel said my breath stunk! I took offense since I know it wasn't true but then he covered his nostrils with his fingers. I couldn't help but laugh. What a little punk!

10  Rain drops on my driver's side window while Hubby takes Riley for a doggy potty break during our drive up from Georgia to North Carolina.

11  The window in the hotel room we're staying at while waiting for a base housing offered great lighting. I'm glad Nathaniel cooperated. What a ham!

12  Little piggies!

13  Reading "The Hunchback of Notre Dam" after breakfast.

14  Since I was unable to see an OB here in North Carolina because of referral/paperwork/holiday/no availability on base/etc., Nathaniel will be my baby doctor for now. Too bad he doesn't know how to properly measure the fundal height ;) I was 36 weeks in the photo.