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First Bath

We gave Amelia her first "real" bath at home on Monday, February 17th. She wasn't very happy at first until we found the right water temperature. Unlike her older brother, Amelia likes her water lukewarm (instead of reeeeeally warm like Nathaniel). I am very glad that we have another water baby because I can definitely use this tool when I need to calm and soothe a crying baby!

Amelia Jo: Birth Story

Tuesday, February 4: If you would have told me that I would be holding a precious newborn by early next morning, I would have laughed you. You see, big brother Nathaniel was late and even had to be induced. So although this is my second full term pregnancy, I didn't expect I would be going into labor  five days before the baby's due date. The day started just like the other days since we moved to North Carolina: late. Hubby was still at his 10-day housing leave so he was sleeping in with Nathaniel. I was up hours before the boys because (1) I was hungry and (2) I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant so there was not really a very comfortable position to lay in. So I decided to update this blog  and start cooking this recipe  while waiting for them to wake up. We took our precious time unpacking because Baby Green Pickle's due date was not until five days away. In fact, I hadn't even gone through Nathaniel's old gender neutral baby clothes! When I was pr

Amelia Jo

Amelia Jo St. Louis February 5, 2014 12:56 am 7 pounds 2 ounces 21 inches

Fedora Hat

Oh, you don't wear a Fedora hat while brushing your teeth? Obviously Nathaniel is much cooler than you ;) And if you are wondering why his recent photos involve some type of head gear… well, we took him to have his hair cut last week. Let's just say: ho-rrrrrri-ble. But that will be for another post. So when he says he wants to wear a hat, sweat band, etc? I immediately say yes.

Future Olympic Archer

Nathaniel received this bow and arrow toy from Lola for Christmas and he is just now able to play with it properly (meaning outdoors) because of the move. We're lucky that we have an empty lot/small forest in front of our new house so Nathaniel can shoot that arrow wherever he want without the fear of losing it. I foresee many summer days spent outdoors with this toy.

1 Second Everyday: January 2014

I am extremely excited to share this new project I'm doing this year! It is called 1 Second Everyday and it is a glimpse into our everyday lives via a compilation of one second videos. As a photographer, I never have an issue documenting our lives using my DSLR or my iPhone. But with videos? I rarely ever take one. This forces me to capture our lives in movement and I absolutely love it because I am a sucker for home videos. We started this month by packing our house and getting it ready for rent. We moved to North Carolina and stayed in an extended hotel for a week before moving to our newest home. I am on my last month of pregnancy and we also experienced a once in a few years snow in NC.