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1 Second Everyday: January 2014

I am extremely excited to share this new project I'm doing this year! It is called 1 Second Everyday and it is a glimpse into our everyday lives via a compilation of one second videos. As a photographer, I never have an issue documenting our lives using my DSLR or my iPhone. But with videos? I rarely ever take one. This forces me to capture our lives in movement and I absolutely love it because I am a sucker for home videos.

We started this month by packing our house and getting it ready for rent. We moved to North Carolina and stayed in an extended hotel for a week before moving to our newest home. I am on my last month of pregnancy and we also experienced a once in a few years snow in NC.


  1. Exciting! I love seeing your photos, so this new 1-second project will be really cool to see! Best wishes to you!!

  2. I LOVE this!!!! And Dean's unpacking dance rocks. I must say, I def love long hair on N, too. BTW, Aiden is really bummed "De-Thaniel" won't be able to come to his birthday this year (not that we are doing much of a party). I think he thinks it's good bye forever, and it's def not! I can't wait for us to get together again! Keep me posted on how you're feeling about us maybe stopping by in April... I know that is kinda soon after having Baby #2 and understand if you'd rather pass on company. We can always shoot for a meet-in-the-middle adventure or do something like the Apple Festival again. And can you believe Pre-K is only MONTHS away????????


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