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Well Child Visit (Four Years Old)

Weight: 41 pounds
Height: 41.5 inches

Nathaniel had his four year old well child visit two days ago. Oh, you know… I'm just a couple months late taking him. With the busy-ness of the holidays and his birthday, moving to a different state and welcoming a new member in the family---it just kept getting pushed down the to-do list!

Thankfully, Nathaniel is a very healthy boy. He passed his hearing and eyesight assessments with flying colors. He is developmentally on track and is within a healthy weight and height range. However, his iron level is borderline anemic so I need to take him to the lab to do an actual CBC test instead of just the finger-poke quick test done at the clinic. I am not looking forward to this. At all. The pediatrician said this usually comes out normal when done using the definitive test. But in the case that he is anemic, a vitamin supplement should fix the problem. And if it is severe, an iron supplement will be prescribed.

Nathaniel received four immunization shots---one on each limb! There's a reason I'm not a pediatric nurse! I told the staff I didn't want to be there but when I was taking off Nathaniel's clothes, he kept saying, "I need my Mama!" I couldn't leave then. I just held his face and told him to look at me. He was so stressed out and terrified. And it was just as traumatic for me. I wish I had known it was going to be four (no, I didn't miss any) then I would have asked to delay and space them out. Four shots after not receiving any since he was two years old was just a lot to take especially now that he understands a little bit more about what is going on.


  1. They did one on each limb?? Ouch!!! They did two on each thigh for Aiden. It went quickly that way but man he was one unhappy camper after that. He cried and whimpered for HOURS. Poor boys :(


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