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1 Second Everyday - March 2014

This month, we spent more days outdoors now that Amelia is getting older and we are starting to have a predictable routine.

Took the children out for the first time by myself to their Well Baby Visit appointments. Nathaniel's visit was so traumatic for both of us!

Amelia "saw" her first movie at the theaters--The Lego Movie. And by 'saw,' I mean she did great and slept the entire time ;)

We remembered and celebrated ED and RJ.

Our friend Mac from Georgia visited us for a weekend.

Nathaniel started "training" with Daddy to become a better runner.

Amelia started cooing and showing her social smile!

Another friend Allison and her children from Indiana were also in town visiting her (Marine) brother. We met up with them at the Pine Knolls Shore Aquarium and had dinner the next evening.

We celebrated Hubby's birthday and also bid goodbye to him a few days later. He will be gone for five months to a labor intensive school for his new lateral-move MOS.

My mom, sister and her family were also in town for their spring break.