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Fort Fisher NC Aquarium

So I just discovered the Blogger app! I know, I know; I'm super late in the game but I'm here now. I'm giving this a try and if I like the layout and the way my iPhone photos are showing, then you may just see me blog more often again! It's tough to find time to sit in front of the computer especially since I'm single parenting it these days. 

The kids and I had an impromptu trip the Fort Fisher NC Aquarium yesterday. We were in Wilmington because the nearest Sam's Club to us does not have an optical and Hubby needs new contacts. I saw that the aquarium was only 20 more miles south and thought what's another 20 more when we already drove 60 miles, right? Besides, we have an annual membership to all four of the North Carolina aquariums so this was basically "free."

This particular aquarium has a butterfly exhibit and we started and ended our visit there. All the butterflies were so beautiful and very friendly! We all had at least one land on us--the first one on Amelia's little foot! Nathaniel was terrified at first and we almost had a casualty (they were huge and honestly creepy looking up close!). But he warmed up eventually and he had a great time matching all the different butterfly species to his little book.

Nathaniel also had a great time touching all the sea creatures. It really was a nice little adventure and great way to make the days without Hubby go by faster. And the best part? Nathaniel thought I planned the whole thing from the beginning. I won the best mommy award yesterday, I'm telling you. ;)