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Emerald Isle Beach

For the long Labor Day Weekend, we decided to stay in town and explore our "new" home as a family. Thankfully, we have been blessed with lots of sunshine so far and so we took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and went to Emerald Isle Beach. It was Amelia's first time at the beach since she can sit up on her own. She had a great time playing with the sand and eating it too no matter how hard I try to stop her! She wasn't very fond of the water temperature either. Amelia prefer her bath water really warm (like Daddy and Kuya). I thought the ocean water was perfect; it was just cool enough to cool you down from the hot, blazing sun. As always, Nathaniel loved playing in the water and even more so now that Hubby is with us this time. He rode on Daddy's shoulder and they went in the deeper end. He could not stop talking about how awesome it was to play in the waves. That evening during bedtime prayers, Nathaniel's

Amelia's First Solid Food

This weekend, Amelia had her first official solid food. I figured since she is almost seven months old, I probably should start offering it to her more seriously. I was going to introduce it to her a few weeks ago but we were all hit with some nasty plague bug and it took Amelia weeks to recover. In fact, she hated taking her medication (Tylenol, Amoxicillin then switched to Augmentin) that she was gagging and spitting everything up. I was very worried developed an aversion to food. Unlike her older brother , Amelia has no issue eating rice cereal mixed with just water. (Nathaniel preferred his food warm and mixed with breast milk). She was confused at first as expected but quickly figured out what to do. I still can't believe we are already at this stage. Everything seems to go so fast this time around!

Williamsburg Trip at a Glance

My sister and her family took a vacation in Williamsburg, VA and they invited us to join them. We spent all of last week visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Water Country (no photos taken with my DSLR), and Busch Gardens. We even drove four hours north to Maryland to see our Tita and her family (my Dad's sister) for a short visit. It was a good vacation and always nice to see and spend time with my family. And it all just comes in a full circle if you remember their visit to NC at the beginning of April. We spent the first week and last week of Hubs being gone with my family. It was a great last hurrah before Dean graduated (August 20th) from school and came back after 4.5 months of being gone.