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Seven Months Old

Two days ago, Amelia turned seven months old! As evident with the photos, she is no longer tripoding and is able to sit up on her own. She sat on her first restaurant high chair when we went to Williamsburg, VA with my sister and her family. And she really enjoyed our recent trip to the beach since she was free to explore (and eat!) the sand.

Amelia now has two bottom teeth! She has also started solids and really loves rice cereal. I am making all her baby food and she prefers if I mix it with rice cereal. Hubby jokes that I am training her to eat eeeeverything with rice. But let's be honest here: Amelia is half-Filipina. We eat everything with rice.

Baby girl loves to growl. Sometimes she sounds like a possessed little baby with all the deep growl and grunting sounds she makes. Nathaniel is still the number one person who could make her really laugh. I am very grateful these two get along so well.

It took Amelia a day to adjust to Daddy. It didn't help that when they first saw each other after a month, she was hungry and we were stuck in VA Beach traffic for 1.5 hours (after a trip to the zoo). It was raining so I dropped the kids off at the entrance hotel where Hubby was waiting for us. It was not what Amelia wanted! But after a full belly and a night sleep, she finally warmed up to him. And 2+ weeks later since Hubby is back home, it seems as though they were never separated.

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  1. These are so CUTE! I wish I had been a better photographer when my boys were this little. This is such a precious time that won't last very long!


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