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Onslow County Fair

A week ago, we went to our local county fair. It was very small but it didn't matter to the kids. Nathaniel had a blast and it was Amelia's first fair experience. Amelia also had her first taste of lollipop, thanks to Hubs.

We purchased the unlimited ride bracelet for Nathaniel. It was $16 and we definitely got our money's worth. This boy looooves these rides.

This "grumpy" photo of Amelia cracks me up. She wasn't really pouting--just very serious and taking in all her surroundings. But the cherry on the top is perfect placement of the cup. I didn't notice it until I was going through the pictures later. I thought it was very ironic and hilarious! And see the photo I took immediately after? Back to my sweet, silly, happy baby.

Hubby won this huge Spider Monkey by knocking all four blocks at the same time with a baseball. He had three chances but I guess he only needed one. Nathaniel was ecstatic with his prize and I am both impressed and annoyed. It's huge!

This fair also had the best chili cheese fries I have ever had. Yum! And speaking of food, it has been a while since we had fair food that we went a little overboard. We knew we were going to regret it and boy we surely did: we were so sick that evening and the next! And Amelia loved sitting on the grass and wanted to eat it, too! She was very upset whenever we stopped her. Such a silly girl.

 It was a great day and I'm always for spending time with my favorite people.