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Thanksgiving 2014

Yesterday was our first Thanksgiving here in North Carolina. We unfortunately took a lot of shortcut this year since we didn't grocery shop until Tuesday when we came back from Dahlonega, GA (where I shot a wedding session). We were also supposed to host two single Marines but they bailed on us at the last minute. They missed out on some really good food! Thankfully, Nathaniel's friend Emilee from the school bus and her mom Aranda joined us for Thanksgiving breakfast. The kids had a great time playing together and I enjoyed getting to know Aranda a little better. I am so sad that I am just now meeting her and they are moving soon. :'( It was also Amelia's first Thanksgiving. She missed Thanksgiving lunch since she fell asleep but she made up for it during dinner. Baby Girl loved turkey (which Nathaniel named Fatty McFatterson) and cheesy broccoli rice casserole. Anyone recognize her  bib ?

Well Baby Visit (Nine Months Old)

Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz (51st percentile) Height: 28 3/5 inches (82nd percentile) Head Circumference: 17 3/4 inches (79th percentile) Amelia had her nine month old Well Baby Visit today. She is healthy and reaching her developmental milestones on track. We switched from TriCare Standard to Prime so we are now being seen at the Naval hospital on base. The drop in weight could be due to the different scale but we are going back next month for a weight check just to be sure. I remember Nathaniel doing this exact same thing ( also at nine months !) once he started being mobile.

Nine Months Old

Amelia is nine months old yesterday! It is getting very difficult to take her monthly photo because she is such a wiggle worm. She was either trying to crawl or pushing her bunny away. I will definitely need a spotter from now on! Amelia was sick again this month. The breathing treatments and essentials oils kept it short live but there were one or two nights were neither one of us was getting any sleep or rest. She kept having coughing fits and wheezing. We had her ears pierced this month! Hubby picked pearls to match mine. And Amelia handled it way better than I did. She only cried for a few seconds whereas I was a mess before and after. She didn't mess with them afterwards either and they have since healed quite well. Amelia experienced her first Halloween and Trick or Treating  this month, too! She was Little Red Riding Hood and Nathaniel was the Big Bad Wolf . Amelia was a trooper and handled the cold, long night as Kuya went trick or treating . She loves to play

Trick or Treat: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

This year, we all dressed up for Halloween. I knew I wanted Amelia to be Little Red or Snow White for her first halloween. And when I suggested to Nathaniel that he could be the Big Bad Wolf, he absolutely loved the idea. (Let's just say, he already had his original costume picked out and bought a month ago. He was going to be the Blue Power Ranger.) We also went with homemade costume. I made Amelia's Little Red tutu inspired costume and cape and Nathaniel's Big Bad Wolf mask and outfit. Unfortunately, I have no proof that Hubby and I participated as well because I still cannot find my tripod from our move months ago! But I promise that Hubby dressed up as a "chopper guy" (lumberjack) and I was the grandma. I was initially disappointed that there weren't many actual people passing out candies. We encountered a lot of "please take two" buckets. However, Nathaniel still scored a loooot of candy and he had a great time on