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Crossed Feet and Curly Hair

For as long as we can remember, Amelia has always crossed her little feet. We noticed them early on---way before she even started sitting up on her own. We would put Amelia in her car seat and she will immediately cross her little chubby feet as her resting position. It is also looking like Amelia has a touch of curly hair. I am not surprised since both Hubby and I have naturally wavy hair. I am also glad Hubby stopped me (multiple times!) from cutting that little wisp of hair. It was growing so awkwardly because of her baby bald spot that for a while she looks like she was growing a mullet! And I don't know where Amelia learned how to properly talk on a phone. Her Daddy and I are rarely on the phone (I don't like making phone calls!) but she seems to have figured it all out on her own. Either way, I love watching and listening to her just chatting away.

Life {Unscripted}: Vol. 5

Welcome to Life {Unscripted} blog circle! I am so honored to be a part of a team of very talented lifestyle photographers. We have a passion for capturing raw, honest and unplanned photographs and we created this community so you would hopefully  be inspired and join us  in documenting your lives {unscripted}. And a special thank you if you are here visiting from Kristin B of Kristin B Photography ! Here is a glimpse of my life {unscripted} for this January 2015: And if you have a chance, please visit Crystal at Crystal Raynard Photography !

Cold Door

It was raining again yesterday so I tried to take photos of the raindrops. However, I was failing miserably and was starting to get frustrated. I had this vision but I just couldn't execute it properly. It really put me in a terrible mood and then I turned around and saw this goofiness going on behind me. While I was taking photos, Amelia was busy licking the cold condensation from the door. I immediately remembered this . It is history repeating itself again!

Eleven Months Old

Amelia is eleven months old yesterday! I cannot believe we will have a toddler next month. Time really flew this time around! Amelia adjusted really well to sleeping on her own. Last month, I used to move her in our bed when she wakes up around 4am to nurse. This time, I just nurse her in her room and then immediately put her back in her own crib. We noticed that she sleeps better and longer when she is by herself. Whenever we try to co-sleep now (even during nap time), she is all over the bed, pulls herself up using the headboard and pokes our eyes . Nathaniel did the same thing at this age and it's pretty cool to see history repeat itself. We dealt with a  terrible diaper rash this month since she essentially wore the same dirty diaper for 13+ hours (because she started sleeping on her own). We are still cloth diapering during the day and did lots of air drying/nakey time but I still couldn't control it after a week. In fact, it was so awful that we almost had to take

1 Second Everyday 2014

I am extremely ecstatic to finally share my 1 Second Everyday video of 2014. At the beginning of last year, I made a goal to record more videos of us. I am very proud of this project and truly treasure all the homemade videos. I haven't blogged the months May through December but I plan to sit down one of these days and do so. So for now, without further ado, here is a glimpse into our everyday lives in the year 2014 via a compilation of one second videos. See 1 Second Everyday - January 2014 See 1 Second Everyday - February 2014 See 1 Second Everyday - March 2014 See 1 Second Everyday - April 2014

Count Your Blessings

The New Year usually brings resolutions. A promise to do an act for the betterment of ourselves. Exercise more. Eat healthier. Have my finances in order. Less stress. Travel more. Be kinder. I surely have had my own personal share of successful and (mostly) failed resolutions. But this year, instead of a New Year's resolution, I have chosen a motto. A saying to remember. A statement in which I will live by. Count your blessings. It is from one of my son's favorite church songs. He doesn't know all the words but he sings the chorus with such zeal and so much passion. And when I truly paid attention to the words, I realized there is a huge lesson I can take from it.  Having a bad day? Name three blessings in your life. Right now. Complaining about the huge pile of dirty laundry? Be thankful about the blessing that you have clothes to wear. Upset that your daughter "ruined" your photo by reaching for the phone? How about be thankful for the blessi