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Crossed Feet and Curly Hair

For as long as we can remember, Amelia has always crossed her little feet. We noticed them early on---way before she even started sitting up on her own. We would put Amelia in her car seat and she will immediately cross her little chubby feet as her resting position.

It is also looking like Amelia has a touch of curly hair. I am not surprised since both Hubby and I have naturally wavy hair. I am also glad Hubby stopped me (multiple times!) from cutting that little wisp of hair. It was growing so awkwardly because of her baby bald spot that for a while she looks like she was growing a mullet!

And I don't know where Amelia learned how to properly talk on a phone. Her Daddy and I are rarely on the phone (I don't like making phone calls!) but she seems to have figured it all out on her own. Either way, I love watching and listening to her just chatting away.