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Myrtle Beach Day 2: Wax Museum

Our second day in Myrtle Beach started with a little bit of excitement. Around 6am, the evacuation alarm was set off and we had to go outside in the cold, rainy morning. It was a false alarm and everyone was safe but the fire department still had to come to clear it. We were hoping to catch a few more sleep but there was no going back to bed after that. We ate breakfast and spent the first half of the day at the hotel's indoor water park. After working up a massive appetite, we went to a local burger joint because Nathaniel wanted burgers. I honestly wasn't too excited about eating burgers but I'm so glad we did. We went to  River City Cafe  and it was soooooo delicious. After lunch, we went to the Wax Museum and Mirror Maze. We ended up doing the Mirror Maze twice because we didn't get lost and finished it pretty quickly. And for dinner, we went to Crabby Mike's where we stuffed ourselves full with all you can ea

Myrtle Beach Day 1: Medieval Times

For Hubby's pre-deployment leave, we decided to take a little trip down to Myrtle Beach, SC. The highlight of our trip was supposed to be going to the Medieval Times dinner and show. We have never been to one before and Nathaniel was very excited to see "real" knights and horses. However, they called us the day before to notify us that the show has been cancelled. We had non-refundable tickets and they expire before Hubby is back from deployment. We told them about our situation and they did their best to remedy the problem. The general manager refunded our tickets and offered us a behind the scene tour. We were able to meet all the horses and pet as many as we want. Nathaniel obviously is very happy but we also found that Amelia loves these majestic creatures! She kept laughing whenever she sees them and begs to just touch them. Nathaniel was gifted a wooden sword and a shield signed by all the Knights; and Amelia received a pink stuffe

Life {Unscripted}: Vol. 6

Welcome to Life {Unscripted} blog circle! I am so honored to be a part of a team of very talented lifestyle photographers. We have a passion for capturing raw, honest and unplanned photographs and we created this community so you would hopefully  be inspired and join us  in documenting your lives {unscripted}. And a special thank you if you are here visiting from  Natalie of Act Naturally Photography ! Here is a glimpse of my life {unscripted} for this February 2015: And if you have a chance, please visit Sharon at  Sharon Covert Photography !