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1st Birthday: Winter ONEderland

We celebrated Amelia's first birthday with a Winter Onederland theme. It just fits since she is a winter baby. However, North Carolina decided to have a rather warm day on the day of the party and we were actually able to open the windows! We had a self-serve hot cocoa and coffee bar along with winter treats.

I had a really great time planning this party and really tried not to go overboard with the color pink (it was harder than I thought!). But most importantly, we are so blessed and thankful that so many people love and care for our precious little girl.

Invitation: me
Cake: Vanilla cake with raspberry jam filling; marshmallow fluff icing
Monthly Amelia banner: me
Weekly Amelia banner: me
Coffee cups: purchased from Amazon, decorated by me
Coffee stirrer: purchased from Amazon, decorated by me
Hot cocoa toppings: whipped cream, snowman marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, graham crackers
Coffee toppings: peppermint patties, hazelnut cream, vanilla cream, caramel drizzle
"Melted snowman": water
"Plow into Cheese": white quest
"Shovels": multigrain chips
"Cold Piggies in a Warm Blanket": pigs in a blanket
Party Favors: "Have s'more fun at home!" chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow
(Forgot to serve: snowflake-shaped pretzels)