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Disney 2015

I brought my DSLR with me during our one day trip to Disney. I knew it was going to be heavy. And I knew I wasn't going to have very many opportunities to use it since it was just me with two kids. But I also knew I would regret it if I didn't! Yes, I brought the stroller but I wore Amelia in the carrier most of the time. Almost all of the attractions do not allow a stroller so I am pretty much 99% sure I will not be bringing it on our next visit (we didn't during our first family visit). I felt like I spent a good time just putting the stroller away and finding it afterwards (they move them to organize and make more room for other strollers).

The only time I was able to take photos with my big camera was during the Festival of Fantasy Parade. It is less than five minutes of our entire trip but I am still so glad I have these. Also, instead of posting the iPhone videos I took one by one, I decided to just combine them all. I sound like a broken record but it really was so much fun!