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Museum of Life and Science

My sister had a conference in Duke University Hospital this past weekend. And since it is only a 2.5 hour drive from Jacksonville, we had to come see her! The kids and I tagged along for the weekend and while she was in conference all day Saturday, we went to the Museum of Life + Science.

Nathaniel is currently learning about animals that creep and crawl in school so it was really cool for him to see the butterflies. For days, he has been correcting me that butterflies emerge from chrysalis and moths are from cocoon.

The museum is huge and you can easily spend an entire day (which we did!). We spent the first half of the day outdoors and headed indoors after lunch. 

For some reason, Amelia really liked the alpacas. They were newly sheared for the warmer season and I thought they looked hilarious!

Nathaniel used to wonder what it would feel like to touch a cloud. Fortunately, they had a cloud simulator so he really enjoyed that.

Nathaniel pretended the changing/moving projector lights were lasers. Amelia didn't know what to think at first. But after a few minutes of watching at the side lines, she eventually joined the big kids. She especially loved stomping the circles.

I am obsessed with Amelia's curly hair. I am so glad Hubby told me not to cut it. I wanted to even them out when she was about 9 months old because of the way her baby bald spot was growing. Now they are so soft and wispy!

Nathaniel put on glowing lotion, which was supposed to represent germs. He then washed his hands and as you can see, there is a glowing spot on his wrist! This is a great "experiment" to really show him how important proper hand washing is.

We also watched a demonstration to see what happens when a child is not properly buckled or using a booster. The poor dummy in the above photo is on his third car crash simulation (no seatbelt, buckled but no booster, booster but not buckled). In the photo, he is using a booster seat but is not buckled. Eep!

This museum was a hit with the kids. There was so much to see, build and do! We will definitely be back especially since they are opening a new outdoor exhibit this summer.