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Strawberry Picking

It has been hot, icky and muggy for the past few days. But not today! Today, it was cool, breezy, and the temperature were in the high 60s/low 70s. So we celebrated this cool front with an impromptu trip to Mike's Farm for some strawberry picking. I am so glad our friends were able to join us especially since it was so last minute. So last minute that I texted two friends to see if they wanted to join us and were ready leave in 30 minutes. Ha! (And they both did!).

This is Nathaniel's fourth year and Amelia's second year strawberry picking. Nathaniel, for the first time ever!, actually picked the majority of the berries. I'm not sure if having his best friend Nikolai there had anything to do with it (they went on their own way) but I sure liked it. Last year, Amelia was just 2.5 months old so she just napped. This year, she was our quality control personnel! Strawberries are one of her favorite fruit so there was no stopping her from munching on them right away. Even for pictures with Kuya.