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Life {Unscripted}: Vol. 10

Welcome to Life {Unscripted} blog circle! I am so honored to be a part of a team of very talented lifestyle photographers. We have a passion for capturing raw, honest and unplanned photographs and we created this community so you would hopefully be inspired and join us in documenting your lives {unscripted}. And a special thank you if you are here visiting from Chrissy!

Here is a glimpse of my life {unscripted} for June 2015:

And if you have a chance, please visit So Nia!


  1. These are so great Diana! I was laughing out loud at the pen marking picture. The last one of Amelia in the bath is seriously too cute for words!! Awesome!!

  2. Love these, especially the baby with the pen! Why do they love to do this??? Hahahha.

  3. wonderful - your kids have grown so much and they are the sweetest - I love your editing so crisp and clear

  4. oh man, the pen all over your little girl with the notebook there that has barely anything in it is too much! Beautiful photos :)


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