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Independence Day 2015

The kids and I are obviously in Indiana for our annual visit. We spent 4th of July at my sister's house since baby Lucy--my newest niece--was only a week old. My sister's in laws also came to celebrate with us. And as always, the day was filled with tons of laughter from the kids and food for the adults.

In the evening, we went back to Mom's house to watch the neighborhood's fireworks. Amelia and I didn't stay out to watch the whole thing because she kept wanting to walk near it and also kept tripping on the concrete floor. Hopefully next year, Hubs won't be gone for what would be the third Independence Day in a row and we will get to enjoy the holiday as a family of four. Or at least help me keep an eye out on the kids near the fireworks!


  1. These are great! My favorite is the one of your niece getting sprayed by Nathaniel. Cute place, too. I love the picket fence.

  2. <--- woah my profile picture is so old!

  3. Your pictures.... I'm googley eyed. So pretty.


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