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Water Hose

Amelia loves to play in the water as long as it is not the pool. We learned that quickly during swim lessons! I took photos with my iPhone first of Amelia playing with the water hose with my Lola before grabbing the big camera. However, I remember giving up quickly because Amelia kept giving me a super exaggerated "eeeeeeese" (cheese) smile. And I couldn't back up enough without the thorny bushes hitting me to compose the shot and not cut off her foot. I'm sure fellow photogs are the only ones bothered about that last one. Haha!

(Side note: I can see now that her gums are swollen because all four of her canines were/are growing. They gave all of us a rough time later!)

(Side note #2: You can spy Amelia's café au lait spot. We wondered how big her birthmark will get. But based on her last few doctor/well baby visits, it hasn't grown in a while. So I guess that is it!)

This moment comes in a full circle. I remember seeing photos of me around Amelia's age playing in the water also in my undies with my Lola. Now it is her turn! Unfortunately, I can't find a photo doing exactly just that (maybe they are still in the Philippines?). So now I must embarrassed my older sister with this photo instead ;)


  1. ohemgee.. ang laki ng picture natin! (that photo of us is HUGE!)


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