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Water Puddle

It seems like we bring the rain wherever we go. Before we left NC to go to IN last month, it rained everyday in North Carolina. When we were in Indiana, it rained most of the days, which allowed us to enjoy the splash park just once. (And it was even just the day before we left!) And now that we are back here, it's raining again. All day. Everyday. Well, not all day. But it sure feels like it!

Amelia went straight to this little rain puddle when we played outside yesterday night. I figured, why not. The kids need a bath anyway. I also took a video but it's shaky and awful focusing on my part. I am not good at videography at all but it's too adorable not to share.

And as I was uploading the video, I remembered I took photos of Nathaniel almost at the same age playing in the rain puddle, too. :)


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