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178 Days

I do not even know where to begin to express how happy our home is at this moment. After 178 days, Dean is finally back from his deployment in the Middle East. My husband is home! The past six months weren't always easy and definitely had its challenges. But it is true what they say: once it's over, you are finally able to take a deep breath and feel, "hey, that wasn't too bad." I survived. We survived. We made it.

The kids are beyond ecstatic to have the "fun" parent back. Nathaniel is non-stop talking his Daddy's ears off---gotta make up for all those lost time! And Amelia, while still a little shy, is stuck on him like glue. Hubs can't leave the room or she will start crying! And I am just so happy and thankful to have my partner and best friend back safely. Nathaniel said it best: "Our family is whole again."


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