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Gender Reveal: It's a...

Eleanor Jade, 20 weeks gestation

As most of you remember, we waited to find out the gender of our previous babies till they were born. I had no intentions of finding out ahead of time with our future baby(ies) either but this little one snuck up on us! And since I'm not quite sure if Eleanor will be our last, I wanted to know what it feels like to know ahead of time. To actually call the baby moving inside me by its name. But I also could have waited. There is just something so special about my husband introducing the newest family member to me by his/her name.

The final decision came down to Nathaniel. We gave him the choice of either waiting or finding out early whether he will be a big brother to another baby sister or to a baby brother this time. He obviously chose to find out ahead of time and he couldn't be happier. But really, he didn't have a gender preference. Nathaniel just wanted at least four more baby brothers/sisters (He is definitely his father's son!). And Amelia, well. She is just happy about the balloons. Especially since they were her favorite color.