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Tee Ball 2016: White Sox

This year is Nathaniel's second season of playing tee ball. And we are the Chicago White Sox! My husband is also the head coach and I don't think I am being biased when I say it's a better team this year. Hubs really focuses on teaching the fundamentals and making sure all the children follow them at all times. And when Nathaniel follows the basics, his hits go farther and throws are on point. Nathaniel still has his heart set on being a goal keeper in soccer but he begins to enjoy himself once on the baseball field.

Easter 2016

This year was Hubby's first Easter with us since Amelia joined our family. (It also fell on his 30th birthday!) We took the kids egg hunting and tagged team them by splitting--I went with Nathaniel at the 3-6 year olds and Dean went with Amelia at the 2 and under hunt. Nathaniel did awesome this year and got quite a bit for his loot. There were a lot of children present as it was the egg hunt for the entire town of Jacksonville.  And I am super proud of Amelia. Per Hubs, Amelia only picked up two eggs. However, there was another younger child nearby crying because he wasn't able to get any. Amelia asked her Dada if she could give one of two eggs to the little boy. Amelia is only two years old but she is already teaching us about compassion, love and concern for others.