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Eighth Year Anniversary

This past year, we faced what probably is the most difficult and complicated situation in our married life thus far. And while we came out of it slightly stronger and more flawed, we had let each other further into our hearts than we had let anyone before. I know things he wishes he could hide. And he sees the things that I am ashamed of. It was like getting to know this completely new person even though we had shared a life together for more than a decade. It was both terrifying and relieving at the same time. This was also the year I decided to face my own demons. Not because my husband wasn't enough. Trust me, with the help of God, he was more than enough. I would stare into this deep, dark, bottomless pit and knew it could swallow me whole. But I also knew deep inside that he could always pull me out. That I can rely on him to always be my anchor. However, it was time I remove the unwarranted burden I had placed upon him. If I wasn't careful, it could swallow us both.