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First Day of School: First Grade

We officially have a first grader!

We attended the open house this past Friday where we were able to check out Nathaniel's classroom and meet his teacher. We all really like Mr. B so far. He makes learning fun for the kids so they are more engaged and willing to participate. He is also so open and highly encourages communication between parents and teachers. On the evening of the first day of school, he called all the parents to see what the children said about their first day; and also to give us his personal cellphone number! Mr. B also uses an app called ClassDojo, which he updates in real time so we know how Nathaniel is doing in school. It is almost as if we are physically in the room with the kids. 

Nathaniel is very excited about this school year. He starts common core math this year but he still claims mathematics (after recess of course!) as his favorite subject. It will be a huge adjustment for us older folks since we are already set in our ways but I have no doubt that Nathaniel will do amazing. 

So look out first grade! We're coming for you.