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Three Months Old

Ellie-bear is three months old! She still very much likes to be swaddled but is getting too long for the swaddle blankets. Her little toes end up sticking out, which is awesome for me because it makes for easy access for kisses. I also believe that she has been conditioned that when I swaddle her, it means food is soon to follow! She rarely fights being put on a baby straight jacket. In fact, she puts her arms to the side and keeps them there, kicks her legs in excitement and flashes the biggest smile. Time to eat!

Eleanor slept through her first movie, Ice Age: Collision Course. She slept most of our time at the beach for our Labor Day tradition, too. Eleanor is definitely an easy, happy-go-lucky baby. She easily falls asleep during car rides. She falls asleep to almost anyone from church willing to hold and rock her.

Cooing and smiling are on full force. She will talk to anyone that gives her attention, even the "baby" on front-facing camera. And ever since I mentioned that she reserves the best smiles for me, the boys like to say, "Ooooh, that was a Mama smile [for me]!" Mommy is still her favorite person (yay!) and is attached to me almost 24/7. Can you say, fourth trimester?

Eleanor has started to self sooth by sucking... her nose? Just kidding. She puts her thumb in between her middle and pointer fingers and sucks her thumb/fist that way. (Like the trick, Got Your Nose!). Kuya Nathaniel noticed it so we get a laugh every time Eleanor does it.

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