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Mike's Farm

Hubs took the older two to Mike's Farm yesterday for his work event. We were all supposed to go but Eleanor was still sick and exhausted from her first trip to the ER. I'm glad Dean still insisted on taking Nathaniel and Amelia because they had a great time. They couldn't wait to tell me all about their farm adventure with Daddy!

Mike's Farm has their spooky Halloween decorations up in preparation for the haunted hay ride. This apparently scared Amelia because she just cannot stop talking about it! Thankfully, Kuya Nathaniel was there to rescue and protect her because he covered her eyes :)

I love that Amelia picked a not-so-perfect pumpkin to take home. I am so used to Nathaniel picking the "best" pumpkin that I was taken aback when I saw Amelia's. She said the blemishes are polka dots. Give it to my two year old to teach me about finding beauty in everything.

I should also note that Hubs took my big girl camera with him and took these! (Edited by me). He said, "I figured it's better to have some crappy photos than none at all." And he is absolutely right. These are memories I would have never seen had it not been for him. Thanks, babe.